The Lost Adams Legend has inspired countless adventurers to investigate, explore, and fill that deep-seated human need to interact with history and the land around us.


The Story Continues... 

It's Out There...

A lost mine, a hidden cache, an old battleground undocumented by "experts", a single moment in time never to be repeated again far from the pavement and concrete - all of these and more are Treasure to those who ply the outdoor spaces still afforded by their own willingness to fight for fair access and reasonable public land policies.

Adobe Ruin In The Caballo Mountains, Renowned for Treasure Lore and Abutting the Jornada Del Muerto of the Camino Real De Le Tierra Adentro


We hope that you enjoy a few of the images and resources that we've posted here and also that you find a way to encourage and support like-minded people to seek their fulfillment on the land.

This site is maintained in support of the adventurous living member of the team that spent decades pursing the Lost Adams Diggings as documented in the new book by Richard "Dick" French: Return to The Lost Adams Diggings.

New Book on The Lost Adams Diggings Gold Treasure Legend by Dick French

...So Get Out There!

One more errand to run, one more chore to finish, one more doubt about the journey or the access or the outcome... these are all artificial barriers that keep you penned in the city, focused on social perfection and material consumption, and in a surreal state of modern malaise. The otherwise detestable eco-crowd has one thing right: being outside is the best! There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors - and a great way to experience the joy is to roam free, engaging in as many activites as suit you, when they suit you, and where they suit you.  When out and about, why not keep ypur eyes open for signs of the past, and add yet another layer to how you can interact with (not just passivley observe) the amazing outdoor experience.